I’m experimenting with new photogrammetry software! Here’s a bash of scanned objects from around the backyard.

Some scanned object from around the yard in Blender3D

First of all, there are 6 objects with 6.4 million polys total making the file size around 10Gb. This is one of the largest files I’ve put together so quickly but for sure not the last. As a result of the object density, it’s 17GB peak at render time and takes only12min to render. The photo capture time was 35 min total, and turning the point-cloud into mesh took about 5 hours total (with light cleanup, and I mean ‘very light’). The models are by no means “game ready”. They’re not decimated or baked, the backfaces aren’t culled, and the textures haven’t been B2M improved.

This image is1080x960(2) Left eye image only. 32samples with denoising. On a mobile device it looks great, but actually in VR is a little hazy.

Total time: 6hrs.

Photogrammetry – [Experimental] RoughTest# “6 Backyard Items”

New software: https://alicevision.github.io/#meshroom

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