A year ago I started a VR project. At the time, it wasn’t much. A few capsules running around with minimal interaction, chasing a rough low-poly vehicle in unity3d. There was promise, but it lacked in so many ways. UI, audio, and ai behaviors were all slated for development. But the main thing missing was Art.

Not really art, but art-direction. And trying to find the right art direction was a big hassle. Should it be stylized, photo-real, cartoon, graphic? Should it be scary or playful? Once I looked at the market and considered the direction players were gravitating, the art of Fortnite started to get my attention. Finally, after much thought and consideration to iteration time and cost. Looking at pitfalls and modularity, scalability. I decided on a clean smooth simple style similar to Fortnite.

This is the first vehicle introduced in the game. Just as a concept, it demonstrates the clean and hard-edged simplicity I’d like to capture for each vehicle. Modeled in Blender3D, the complete asset is under 700 polys.

The final asset will seat 4 player characters, have vehicle weapon anchors, working exterior and interior lights, also fully customizable. However, all developments will be for Unreal Engine.

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