Testing Meshroom

testing scans in blender3d
Unshaded photo scans in blender3d

I started doing some photogrammetry by hand, as opposed to doing it via drone. Now, by hand I mean I’m using the camera with my hands, walking around the object. So i guess i could have said I’m doing it on-foot. Either way, here is a bunch of objects I’ve done quick scans of around the yard.

Shaded and pre-vis photo scans in blender3d

I love the real-time render view in blender, It’ll get even better once all my addons work with 2.8. I havn’t tested any low poly baking with these assets, or any Unreal Engine imports. Each object is about 2 million polys.

Rendered photo scans with lighting and DOF in blender3d

Here is some lighting and depth of field. Looks like a mini diorama.

Check out this post: Photogrammetry rough test number 6

Blender3d: http://www.blender.org

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